ulBLC offers a Basic Lab Control System of Integrated Electrical and Mechanical Components to provide a Safe Learning Environment in the Classroom for our Students and Instructors.

The BLC system contains quality U/L listed components with a Simple Single Voltage Design. The basic single voltage system is available with many options to meet the requirements of the School District and will allow for any future expansion.

Safety in the Science Laboratory should be paramount in the design consideration of Products installed in Laboratory classrooms to prevent safety-related problems. Science classrooms require certain utilities (Gas, Water and Electrical Outlets) that must be controlled by the classroom instructor and not by the student for a safe and controlled environment. The BLC system provides a Key Operated Control Switch for a safe learning environment for the students and teachers, Plus an Emergency Control Pushbutton when needed. The BLC system helps to prevent vandalism when the classroom is not in use.

The utilities in a Science Classroom should remain off and locked until the instructor makes one or more of them available to the students during classroom activities. In the event of a Classroom Emergency or when the Utilities are not needed, the instructor can Shut-off all Utilities.